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Coming To America

With the Car of the Future now the current car, V8 Supercars are taking their first steps Stateside to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. An amazing track, it will suit the V8 Supercar quite well and likely produce great racing.

An extremely varied season so far has been a welcome change from last year's 4 winning drivers. Hopefully this will continue for the entire year.

The V8 Supercar Pick 10 Competition for 2013 is well underway but it's not too late to enter! Click here to enter your picks.

Also check out the forums, come in for a chat.

Conrod, Straight: Issue 11
A long time has passed since the last time I wrote a Conrod, Straight. This hasn’t been through a lack of intent, more a combination of time, ideas and more time. But today I stand before you...oh hang on, sit, wrong again. Some days ago I sat before a computer and typed. more...

Conrod, Straight: Issue 10
Craig Gore’s magic three-year plan lies in tatters. He was going to storm in, learn the series in year one, win some races in year two and then knock the field for six in year three and take the championship on his way out the door. V8 Supercars was only meant to be a marketing exercise for his company, Wright Patton Shakespeare, to get the name in front of the right people and as many of them as possible. As he told Conrod almost three years ago – “We came here as a business.” more...

Conrod, Straight: Issue 9
The international experiment continued last week in Bahrain. After two previous attempts (one successful and one not), V8 Supercars Australia are hoping that two out of three ain’t bad. more...

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